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Chris, Catherine & Ben Weide

Welcome to the Weide Family Photo Gallery (Click on Photos to Enlarge)

---Boy Scouts---
Ben Weide at the K of C Breakfast 2/2000 Ben Weide entering Boy Scouts Jacksonville, Florida Troop 182, Jacksonville, Florida 6-day Canoe Trip on St. Marys River, Mar. 2001 Troop 182 Jacksonville, Florida NASA trip May 1999 Troop 182, Jacksonville, Florida Gate Concrete Field Trip; 2/2000 Pack 182, Jacksonville, Florida; Cubscout Blue and Gold banquet, Feb. 1999 Troop 182, Jacksonville, Florida Christmas Party; 2000 Ben Weide with Troop 39 at Camp Eastman, Nauvoo, Illinois;  Summer 2000. Tug-of-war; Shawnee District Camporee at Princess Preserve Troop 182 6-day Canoe Trip on St. Marys River, Mar. 2001
James Weldon Johnson middle school, Jacksonville, Florida; 2001 Soccer Team Ben Weide goalie YMCA Soccer, Jacksonville, Florida; Dec. 2000 Ben Weide fighting for ball, YMCA Basketball, Jacksonville, Florida; Jan. 2000 Ben Weide # 321, Run for the Pies, Jacksonville, Florida; June 2000 Ben Weide (middle-far right) Arlington Soccer League,
      Jacksonville, Florida; Fall 1999 Ben Weide (front row-far left), 1999 Arlington YMCA Basketball team,
      Jacksonville, Florida, (coach Hunter, back row-far left) Ben Weide at Ravines Cross Country run, Middleburg, Florida; May 2000 Ben Weide and Coach Bing, Arlington YMCA soccer, Jacksonville, Florida; Nov. 1998 Future Sports Pic. Future Sports Pic.
------- Ben --------
Ben Weide, Jacksonville, Florida; May 1999 Ben Weide-1998, age 10 Ben Weide, Jacksonville, Florida; March 2000 Ben Weide (1 1/2 years) and Chris Weide on Harpers Ferry train trip; Oct. 1989 Ben and Catherine Weide, Christmas 1999, Jacksonville, Florida Ben Weide age 2 1/2, Christmas 1990, Jacksonville, Florida Ben Weide, 5th Grade Graduation from R.L. Brown school, Jacksonville, Florida;
      June 1999 Ben Weide with broken thumb, Jan. 2001, Jacksonville, Florida Ben Weide and Chris Weide, Dec. 1989, 2507 Cedar Drive, Baltimore, Maryland Ben Weide and Friends from RL Brown school, Jacksonville, Florida; Oct. 1998.
Friends and Family
4 Generations with Ben at 4 months; Howard McKee, Chris Weide, Ben Weide,
      Nelson E. Weide; taken on 1950 Farmall Cub tractor Glenwood, Iowa; Oct. 1988 Grandma Sara Weide, Ben Weide & Catherine Weide; taken Nov. 2000; 
      Jacksonville, Florida Ben Weide and Grandpa Eugene (Nelson E. Weide), March 2000; Jacksonville, Florida Great Grandpa and Grandma Weide with Ben (Nelson Henry Weide, Anna Louise Weide,
      Christopher Weide, Ben Weide); Osawatomie, Kansas, June 1989 Ben's First Communion (with Nelson Weide, Sara Weide, 
      Ben Weide, Patsy Arie, Jim Arie), April, 1996; Jacksonville, Florida Great Grandma Dona McKee with all of the 
      Grand Children and Great-grand Children;
      (Left to Right: Devon Arbogast, Ben Weide, Dona McKee, Melissa Arbogast, Chris Weide);
      Council Bluffs, Iowa; August 1999 At Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa; March, 1980;
      (left to right: Dave Harts, Steve Piper, Dwight Harts, Catherine (Weide) Bergmeier) Devon Arbogast at the Omaha Henry Dorley Zoo, June 2000 Arbogast Family (Melissa, Devon, Jason), Fall 1999, Glenwood, Iowa Chris Weide and Nancy Harts and Dwight Harts, Jan. 2001; Atlantic Beach, Florida
Chris and Catherine
The Weide Home, 1999 Chris and Catherine Weide, Christmas 1998; Jacksonville, Florida Chris and Catherine Weide, Christmas 1999; Jacksonville, Florida Chris Weide, Dec. 1999; Jacksonville, Florida Catherine Bergmeier(Weide) and Chris Weide, 1981 Chris Weide and Catherine Weide on Grays Peak, Colo.; July 1998 Chris Weide and Catherine Weide at the Biltmore Estate (Asheville, NC), Oct. 1998. The Weide Family (Chris, Catherine and Ben) at the Biltmore, Oct. 1998 The Weide family (Chris, Catherine and Ben), August 1998; Jacksonville, Florida Chris and Catherine Future Pic.

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