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    (BOOKSDUP.WK4)                                                                               17-Nov-2002
    TITLE                                                            AUTHOR/PUBLISHER                        DATE                            REMARKS
    A Rainbow of Traction #126                                       CERA                                     1988 Softbound, mint, all color
    All Aboard! The golden age of rail travel                        Bill Yenne/Dorsett Press                 1989 hardbound, mint cond.
    All Music Guide to Rock                                          Miller Freeman Books                     1995 Softcover; cover tattered
    Birmingham City Directories                                      POLKS                                         Various dates
    B&O Monongah Memories                                            Louis Alderson                           1988 softbound, near mint; 61 pp
    Colorful Street Cars We Road # 125                               CERA                                     1986 Softbound, mint, all color
    Complete Directory TV Shows 1946-1992                            Brooks/Marsh - Ballantine                1992 5th ed. good cond.
    Completely Mad Don Martin, The                                   E.C. Publications                        1974 soft cov/near mint; 1st ed.
    History of the New York Central System                           Aaron Klein                              1985 w/jacket near mint.
    Images in Progress - 1984 Pittsburg, Kans.                       Pittsburg Area Chamber of Commerce       1984 softbound, near mint; wonderful Pittsburg History
    Interactive Book Collectibles Database Embossed Soda Bottles     Paul and Karen Bates                     1987 sprial bound,  Very Good Condition
    Interactive Book Collectibles Database Painted Label Sodas       Paul and Karen Bates                     1988 sprial bound,  Very Good Condition
    Mad Archives, The (Vol. 1 issues 1-6 Mad Magazine)               DC Comics                                2002 New, Hardbound, mint, still shrinkwrapped
    Petretti's Soda Pop Collectibles 2nd ed.                         Allan Petretti                           1999 softbound, moister wrinkled
    Railroads of the Black Hills                                     Mildred Fielder                          1964 hardbound, dust jacket torn, otherwise good
    Story of America's Railroads, The                                Spangenburg and Moser                    1991 hardbound, near mint
    Trains                                                           Grosset & Dunlap/Rixon Bucknall          1971 Hdbnd/cover damage
    Spy vs Spy the Complete Casebook                                 Prohias, Antonio                         2001 Softbound, First Printing, mint condition
    Rolling Stone Encyclopedia of Rock & Roll (third ed.)            Warren and Romanowski                    2001 Softbound, 7th printing. Mint. Cond.
    The Mad Cooler                                                   Mad Magazine/Warner Books                1988 Softbound, 1st printing.  Some wear and folds on cover
    Mad's Don Martin Presents Captain Klutz II                       Don Martin/Mag Magazine                  1989 Softbound, 2nd printing.  Mint Condition
    Wisconsin Central Railway 1871-1909                              P. A. Letourneau                         1998 Softbound, 1st printing.  Mint Condition, New.
    Portable Mad, The                                                Feldstein, editor                        1964 Softbound, 6st printing.  Minor wear