Misc. Soad Advertising items

Christopher A. WEIDE			

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All soda items below are available for sale or trade. 
Most items are in mint condition unless otherwise noted.
Write or send email to above address for further information.

A Call for Your Help:

Dennis Fewless (of Wisconsin) and myself are working on documenting every known
bottling company that is (and was) in the U.S.   We are in need of history, dates,
owners names, addresses, flavors bottled and historic photos.   All material will
be used in this directory and will be properly credited to the owner/submitter.
Your help is greatly appreciated.  Please send email or write to the above street
address for further details.   
Thanks CA Weide  

Misc. Soda Items                                          Price

       1 Lift Mirror , 10" x 18"Good Condition, minor     $275
         discoloration on edges.  Would prefer to trade
         this mirror for any other soda mirror that
         I don't have.

       2 Clearly Canadian Salt and Pepper sets,           $7.50 per pair
         choice of Peach or Mountain Blackberry.
         Comes with original cardboard packaging.

       3 Seven Up Matches w/Seven-Up logo on              $4 per book
         reverse.  Unused, but there is minor soiling
         and damage on the striker.

       4 Seven Up Matches w/swimmer bottle on             $10 per book
         reverse. Unused, some minor soiling.

       5 Seven-up 1976 bi-centennial cans.  These         $5 ea.
         form the Uncle Sam when all 50 are
         properly stacked.  Choice of Minn.; 
         No. Dak.;  So. Dak,;  Ark. and Conn.

      7. Soda crown grab bag.  29 unused soda             $40.00/bag                
         crowns.  At least 25 are cork lined.
         Bag is guaranteed to contain the 
         Sport, Hula, AAA Root Beer, and 2
         of the Old Colony Crowns.  About
         half and half brand names vs. generic
         flavor crowns.  Good assortment. 
         Pictures are available on the Crowns