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I am always interested in obtaining bottles that are not
on this list.  There are hundreds, probably even
thousands of others which I need that aren't listed below.

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A Call for Your Help:

Dennis Fewless (of Wisconsin) and myself are working on documenting every known
bottling company that is (and was) in the U.S.   We are in need of history, dates,
owners names, addresses, flavors bottled and historic photos.   All material will
be used in this directory and will be properly credited to the owner/submitter.
Your help is greatly appreciated.  Please send email via email link found on my
homepage (see one of the above links.)
Thanks CA Weide  

As pictures are available, Hot Links will turn Green.  Click on green link serial numbers to view pictures. (Photos are not yet available for RED linked items.)
SERIAL  #   NAME / BRAND   SIZE        COLORS              GLASS              HEIGHT  DATE     COMPANY              CITY/ STATE                       REMARKS/DESCRIPTION                      GRD
Pic. Link
# 45121286:
 X-PERT                   07 OZ.     RED AND CREAM       CLEAR W/TEXT.        08      1947 M & M BEVERAGE CORP.     MARINETTE       WISC. "X-PERT BEVERAGES DELCIOUSLY DIFFERENT" (B)          7.7 

# 17022288:
 X-TRA                    12 OZ.     RED AND WHITE       CLEAR W/EMB.         08 3/4 NONE  X-TRA BOTT. CO.          NONE LISTED     NONE  NAME DIAG. BOTH SIDES OF MIDDLE                      5.7 

# 14121005:
 X-TRA                    12 OZ.     RED AND WHITE       CLEAR W/EMB.         08 3/4  1940 X-TRA BOTT. CO.          SPRINGFIELD     MASS. X-TRA(3) GOOD DELICIOUS; "X-TRA REFRESHMENT" EMB.    9.8 

# 64041004:
 X-TRA                    32 OZ.     RED AND WHITE       CLEAR W/TEXT.        11 3/4  1973 X-TRA BOTT. CO.          SPRINGFIELD     MASS. "X-TRA RETURN FOR DEPOSIT" (M); "ONE QUART"          9.9 

# 68121793:
 X-TRA COLA               16 OZ.     RED AND WHITE       CLEAR W/EMB.         10 1/2  1958 X-TRA CO.                SPRINGFIELD     MASS. "X-TRA COLA" (M); "FULL 16 OZS.(N); TAPERED RINGS    9.8